National Security- Protecting the American People

National Security
Protecting the American People

The United American Committee feels that our nation’s security comes first. We feel that for the American people to live the comfortable, enjoyable, good life that we all deserve, we must feel safe at home. Islamic extremists and other enemies of America continue to operate within our borders. With little monitoring by the American citizen, these threats will prosper. We must not allow that to happen! We must act now as a vigilant nation to assure that our national security is never compromised. Through the campaigns of the United American Committee, be they literature distribution campaigns, television or radio advertisements, or other important ways, we urge every American to do their part by keeping our nations security as a top priority in their lives, to keep a vigilant eye on the immediate world around us within our borders.

The UAC & Education

Education shall be of the highest importance. The future of our nation depends on the future generations of Americans being highly educated and prepared for the world. We work to inform the American people of the issues addressed in point 9 of the UAC’s 10 Point Platform

9. “The United American Committee believes education is a key to a bright future. We desire for the education system of America to teach our youth the facts, and the true nature of our extremist enemies. We hope to encourage our nations educators so that they shall not feel pressure to withhold vital information for fear of reprimand due to political correctness. Our youth are our nation’s future. We must hold their education to the highest level of importance. ”


“[through petro dollars] Why should we continue to fund those who wish to kill us?”
– UAC Founder Jesse Petrilla

In response to the amount of revenue being sent to overseas countries who have strong ties to Islamic extremist activities, the UAC 10 Point Platform states the following in Point 8:

“8. Our goal is to work towards ending dependency on oil, and educating the American people on the dangers of importing oil from countries tied to Islamic extremism. The United American Committee also encourages automotive corporations to pursue alternative fuels in order to help decrease the funding of foreign regimes which have known ties to Islamic extremism.” The United American Committee strives to protect women’s rights. The oppression of women is ongoing even within our own borders. Many Islamic women in America are forced out of fear by husbands, fathers, or others to conceal their face beneath a veil. They should rejoice and be set free, as all women are entitled to equal rights in this free land of America. We must work hard to ensure the future is safe for women’s rights, and defend women’s rights at all times.

Aside from the opression issue, many security concerns arise regarding traditional Islamic clothing in public locations. Security officials have posed the question “Would someone be allowed to wear a ski mask into a bank? Why then can they cover their entire face in the name of Islam?”

Border Security
Protecting Our Nation’s Borders

A strong and secure border protects our nation.

From the United American Committee platform:

Point 6. “Our nation’s security shall come first and foremost. The United American Committee is dedicated to protecting the American people, and allowing them to live safe and comfortable lives, without the threats of Islamic extremism and terrorist activities. We feel a key to accomplishing this is by maintaining a secure border. Our goal is to promote citizen involvement in this issue, through showing support for border patrol and immigration agents as well as assisting by encouraging on the ground support through volunteer activism.”

Thank you for your time,
Central Florida United American Committee

The full 10 point platform can be found on the profile page of this myspace. We welcome you to become familar with it.


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