University of South Florida After Action Report

Central Florida United American Committee


After Action Report




Written By: Jessica Thacker

In observance of Islamic Fascism Awareness week, Alan Kornman and Danny Fenter set up a tabling at The University of South Florida today. The weather definitely could have been better. Alan and Danny showed up about 8:30am to set up their tabling but unfortunately Mother Nature would not cooperate. Although the weather held things up until noon Alan and Danny held out and got things set up and ready to go soon after the rain finally stopped.


There was a good deal of interest peaked at the event. The people couldn’t help but notice the powerful messages displayed on the posters that were hanging on the table. Many people were interested and chose not to stop but a few actually took the time to speak and take information that was being handed out.


There was also a good deal of strange looks and insinuations as was expected at a University with a high number of Islamic students that attend. Two Muslim women looked and sneered as they walked past when everything was first set up. One young man in particular chose to give Alan and Danny an obscene hand gesture instead of stopping to discuss his feelings. Although they attempted to engage the man in conversation by asking him to stop and talk about his feelings, he chose to walk the other way. There were also assorted comments of “what about American fascism” which was also not able to be addressed when the student was heading away from the tabling instead of standing and speaking with Alan and Danny.


All the response wasn’t negative though. One Russian woman was visibly moved by the literature that was on display because as she said” I know this because it happens in my country”. Several people took the time to take some literature and speak which showed promising interest in the subject.


There was a strong influence on women’s rights at this tabling since it was held on a University Campus and we believe the message was heard. Although the rain started back just a little while after the tabling was set up, we did reach a few people.


We carried pamphlets, flyers, and copies of the DVD’s Suicide Killers and Obsession for people to take for free. A few people took information but there was also a good deal of people who did not. Although they didn’t take the information in their hands, it was visible that the information was seen with their eyes. The message was received even if they did not carry it away in their hands.


Due to the fact that the University of South Florida is known for its Islamic activities we had a camcorder ready to record any confrontation that may have happened between any of the students and our representatives. We were contacted by one of the campus Police officers a few days before the event and he referred the University as” Jihad U” and to near by Temple Terrace as “Temple Terrorist”. We knew that it was very possible we could be walking into a hot bed of coals.


With these events education is a must and this event educated us as well. We learned that this event was different than the last one that we did and that it is definite hostel territory at the University. It is very understandable why we were invited to have a tabling here. We only regret the weather couldn’t cooperate with us to do it more adequately.


We are planning a tabling soon for the University of Central Florida and we will post the event time as soon as it is known for sure.

Don’t forget about the myspace for the Central Florida United American Committee. We are well into blogging the Quran now and more is always added on a daily basis. Sign up for a myspace and leave a comment if possible to let us know what you think. We have some new exciting posts being planned soon so make sure you keep checking back with us. The address for the myspace page is


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