Welcome to The Central Florida United American Committee Blog

First of all we would like to welcome all of you to this blog. We plan of making this space an informative place for everyone to come for updates on the United American Committee of Central Florida as well as the United American Committee itself. We will also have the information on local rallys in Central Florida as well as information on how you can become a member of the UAC in your area. There will also be information on what you can do in your own area. We welcome people from all over the world to come view this blog and participate in this group. So please invite your friends and family.

We also have a myspace profile with most of the same info that can be found here.We plan on doing a group on myspace as well so everyone can participate as well. We know many people do not have or want myspace so this will make it easier for those who want to participate without creating a whole myspace profile and page. We want to encourage people becoming active in Central Florida as well as all over the United States to ensure their safety in this country. We all have to do our part to protect ourselves against the threat of terrorism. The first place to start is education and we plan on helping you with this part. You will find a list of recommended books for you to read to help you formulate your own opinion.

Remember one person can make a difference. And also the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. See the exact quote on the marquee on our profile.


Thanks for joining and we hope you enjoy your stay.
Central Florida United American Committee


3 Responses to “Welcome to The Central Florida United American Committee Blog”

  1. Your site is great. I am a history buff and always love reading from various perspectives.

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. cfloridauac Says:

    What exactly is there not to agree with. Formulate your own opinion and if that opinion after 9/11 and all of the terrorist acts around the world as well as the infringement on a persons basic rights is something that you can live with then that is your choice. For many of us it isn’t something we can live with and we choose to have our voices heard. Free speech allows us that right and our troops fight for us to use it. You may not agree with what we have to say but we do have the right to say it.
    There is no shame in being ignorant, Ignorance means you do not know. It becomes stupidity when you have been informed and know about a subject but still continue to ignore it.

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