After Action Report

After Action Report


The Central Florida chapter of the United American Committee showed up for an informational tabling yesterday at the University of Central Florida just like any other event. They never expected to have the amount of action that would follow through the day. This time Alan and Dan were accompanied by Rick and David. Rick and David contacted us about interest in the UAC and what they could do to help. They wanted to show their love for their country and its constitution. They wanted to be involved somehow, they jumped right in and began lending a hand where needed. We were very thankful for the help that these two respected business men had to offer. Without them Alan and Dan would have been completely overwhelmed.

The Islamic students on campus converged upon the tabling and even called in reinforcements on their cell phones as can be seen on some of the pictures. One student can be seen in the above photograph taking a picture of the UAC filming and photographing the event. This brings up a serious question. Why would he want to take a picture of the people holding an educational tabling showing radical Islam? What reason could there be to photograph the members of the UAC that were doing this tabling? There was no danger and he was not the one staging the event. Makes the mind wonder what purpose is behind this.

While some people showed up to create free and open dialogue many showed up to twist the conversations into other things.

The event was being photographed as well as video taped and many expressed their dislike toward it, some even asked for the cameras to be turned off. The event was photographed and on video to serve as documentation purposes but also for security as well. One even wanted to make a complaint with campus police so the UAC members were kind enough to immediately flag down an officer who stated the UAC was in a public free speech area and were within their rights. Earlier the UAC had already spoken with campus police and shook their hand so they were well aware of the reasons that the UAC were there.

A few Muslims that boasted to be moderate expressed concerns on why we would take so much time to research the small amount in their viewpoint of Muslim extremist but not take the same time to show the moderate side of the religion. Alan extended an invitation to a representative of the Muslim Students Association to join in on the next tabling event and set up right beside them. The offer was extend to other people as well one woman stated she would like to do some research on the UAC before she decided she would do it while another stated her distaste of their prophet being called a pedophile and said she would not do it.

The run of the mill comments on how many people the Americans murdered and the bomb being dropped on Japan was also brought up as well as Timothy McVeigh. All the comments were addressed by the UAC members in attendance and this further stone walled the students.

Slurs such as redneck were thrown around as well as a few hand gestures but the UAC stood their ground firm and addressed with intellect and professionalism the questions and comments coming at them. Make no mistake this was an intellectual and verbal Jihad that was taking place on this campus.

The pictures are posted to the Central Florida Chapter of the UAC MySpace and we are trying to get the video formatted to upload on YouTube, Viddler and GoogleVideo so that it can be easily embedded, accessible and linked to. As soon as it is formatted and uploaded we will be passing the link on and embedding it on our blogger site and MySpace.

Once again we would like to extend a warm welcome and another Big Thank You to David and Rick who were a huge help yesterday. God Bless You and we look forward to working with you again.

UNITED AMERICAN COMMITTEE – A Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation

PO Box 1713, Goldenrod, FL 32733



2 Responses to “After Action Report”

  1. Thanks to you guys in the Florida UAC who staffed the booth trying to get information out to people. Good for you!

  2. cfloridauac Says:

    Thank you for your comments Mimi. We hope you find the blog useful and informative. We look forward to hearing from you again.

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