Moving this blog to our Web Site.

We are in the process of moving this blog to our website located at . This will provide a simpler and more easily updated format for everyone.

We have kicked off a new radio show called UAC Jihad Radio and now have our own website, store and blog, We also have a Radio Jihad Chat forum on the United American committee website as well. You can listen to our weekly shows right on our website or tune in to the station directly or over the internet. Just click on the website for more information.

Please Update your favorites with the new link. The blog should be up and running by the end of this week. New shows are added daily.  Videos, news stories and more updated regularly. Please stop by and sign the guest book and show your support for the UAC and Radio Jihad


2 Responses to “Moving this blog to our Web Site.”

  1. Good luck with the move!

  2. We need to stop the threat of islamic law being forced on America. The best way to do this, is for America to have nothing to do with islamic countries. We need to stop trading with these countries, and stop giving them our fortunes. I urge all members of the U.A.C. to join , and support T. Boone Pickiens is the quest for energy independance. JOIN WITH THE PICKENS PLAN. PUSH THE PICKENS PLAN DOWN THE THROATS OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. DEMAND ENERGY INDEPENDANCE FROM ISLAMIC COUNTRIES THAT WISH TO DO US IN.

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